Corsair K70 RGB Unboxing and Plugging in to the Inferior USB 2 Ports on my Computer!

The feel on my fingers…so amazing.

I’ve wanted a mechanical keyboard for a while. Well, another one. Had I known how awesome they would be 25-30 years later, I would have kept the IBM Model M clone keyboard we had as a kid. Oh well.

So now I am the proud owner of a magnificent Corsair K70 RGB keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. I wanted the tactile feedback on my fingertips, but without the clicky sound of the blues. I typically slam keys down as I type (and always have), so there’s plenty of sound from each key bottoming out at 4mm as I strike.

The end result is that now I want to type more. It just feels and sounds so great.

Initially, and in this video, I plugged the two cords into USB 2 ports, because my few USB 3.0 ports are taken up by external drives. It’s an older motherboard, and only came with two 3.0 ports. Today, I swapped an external drive for this keyboard so I could experience it to the full extent of its awesomeness. The control software immediately recognized it and informed me of a firmware update while swirling a rainbow of RGB goodness.


Grab one if you’re in the market. It’s nice.